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Our Philosophy

We call it a celebration of domestic manufacturing and ingenuity.

As the skills and material knowledge to craft continue to have great value, it is the role itself that changes.
Technologies advance at break-neck speeds and the public’s desire for authenticity grows making the role of the crafts crucial for modern life.

Whether traditional or innovative, art or science, on show in a gallery window or hidden away in unexpected places, handmade product has the power to deeply satisfy.

And all it needs from us is a little patience and appreciation…


QSS-3801 HD is a next generation high-definition minilab system. It is capable of producing print of higher quality, with more efficient workflow and lower total cost. It is the perfect minilab solution.

Available papers: Glossy, Luster, Silk
Dimensions: 9 × 13 up to 30 × 90


A complete digital photo lab system. The combination of a high-speed laser printer with freely selectable output resolution of 200 and 400 ppi and the connected high-speed RA4 roller transport paper processor fullfills your highest quality and production needs. Suitable for large format prints.

Available papers: Glossy, Luster, Silk, Metallic
Dimensions: Large Prints


A Fujifilm compact printer processor designed for installations where space is at a premium, the Frontier 500 produces up to 800 4R prints per hour. Easy to operate, remarkably fast and reliable.

Available papers: Glossy, Luster, Silk
Dimensions: 9 × 13 up to 20 × 30


The ultimate large format printer for photographic and fine art printing – with unparalleled 44-inch production output and reliability.

It delivers stunning quality prints on media up to 44″, the LUCIA PRO 12-colour ink system and 1.28″ print head ensure vivid colors, deep blacks, fast print speeds and superb quality.


It is the next-generation 4/C machine that combines the efficiency and flexibility of digital technology with the quality we encounter in offset printing. It offers reliability and economy in a demanding environment such as high production printing.


UV prints on any flat surface. There is the ability to print on a wide variety of custom materials, flexible or solid, such as wood, glass, plastic, acrylic, aluminum and much more. Compared to “classic” UV printing, Mutoh LED UV technology gives you all state-of-the-art health & safety and environmental benefits: no ozone generation, free of heavy metals like mercury and lead. Moreover, Mutoh’s LED UV inks and varnish are completely VOC-free, do not contain any hazardous air pollutants (non-HAP) and as such do not need an air purification system.

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