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USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives
    • DP Acrylic #03 Slim

      Slim, elegant and airy style after marrying two highly contrasting materials: natural wood and industrial plexiglass. Available in two shades: natural and dark brown. It is recommended to print on…

    • DP Acrylic #03 Thick

      Xl sizes !! Imposing and luxurious in combination with plexiglass and wood but in larger size. Available in two shades: natural and dark brown. It is suggested to print on…

    • DP Leatherette #01

      Classic and timeless! Available in three shades of white, black and brown. It is suggested to print an item in a casket with the corresponding leather color for a complete…

    • DP Wooden #01 Set

      An economic choice the company providing USB kit Flash Drive with its corresponding package. Available at natural shade. Recommended either by engraving or printing.

    • DP Wooden #02

      White, the symbol of purity, hope and confidence! Intense minimalist and partly Scandinavian presentation style, especially if combined with the corresponding packaging.

    • DP Wooden #03

      A sense of natural and austere design combined with the corresponding packaging gives a romantic and warm look to the presentation of your work.

    • DP Wooden #04

      Warmth and luxury … The dark color on the wood reflects the maturation of the material, and the carving of the element would fit perfectly with a craft wrap or…

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